What You Need To Know About Using A Flashlight For Self Defense

Flashlights are some of the most effective and useful tools you can have whether looking at putting together gear for a long camping trip, preparing an emergency kit in case power goes out or looking for a useful tool to have on you to ensure safe travel. However not every flashlight is created equal. Military tactical flashlights, for example, tend to be made out of extremely high-quality materials and are built to hold up to extreme pressure and use. This also means that when it comes to using a flashlight for self-defense, there’s little question that a military grade flashlight is a way to go.

Prevention Is Your First Defense
Just having a flashlight and being able to shine it in a dark parking lot, hiking trail, or side street will be enough to discourage many individuals who rely on darkness and surprise to find victims. You can clearly see anyone trying to hide from you from a distance, and make it harder to be around you unseen. Prevention is always preferable to confrontation when it is possible, and a powerful flashlight allows that.

Blind Your Opponent
You want a strong beam that helps blind any opponent who comes after you. There are two different situational advantages that come as a result of this. One is that the blinding action can give you the time to run away and get some place safe. This is always preferable to an all-out fight, and it is one possibility when you start with a direct, sharp beam of light to the eyes.

The other advantage is that there are multiple self-defense techniques that all start with the bright light making it hard or next to impossible to see you. The modified FBI tactic, for example, starts with turning the light on at shoulder height, shining it at an attacker’s face, and then moving to the side while keeping your arm stretched out, so the light stayed in place. The semi-blinded opponent will almost certainly strike for behind the light, but the main part of your body is off to the side, giving you the perfect opportunity to attack from the side (like with a stomp to the knee or a kick to the crotch).

Block & Counter Attack
Self-defense with a tactical military flashlight can involve using the flashlight to deflect an attack (whether the attack is by fist or with a foreign object). Many of the best self-defense techniques are not swinging the flashlight or using it as a club, but using it as a tool with various self-defense techniques to block and counter attack, or to distract and counter attack.

Don’t think of a fight as something that you need to stick to until the end. If you can blind them, use the arm technique to get a clear kick to their groin that drops the attacker, just run. That is the perfect time to open up some distance and get to safety.

Take A Class Or Check Out YouTube Video

These techniques can be incredibly effective, but if you’re not familiar with using a military flashlight as part of a self-defense technique, don’t despair. You may be able to find some self-defense classes that are taught locally that can get you on the right track, or else you just take a look at YouTube for legitimate self-defense videos that show the techniques described in this article, or other popular ones, as well.

Watching these techniques via video helps you see exactly how they work and makes it much easier to practice at home and become comfortable with how they work, how you need to move, and makes you that much more prepared if you ever need to use them in a real-life scenario.

In Conclusion

Read up on a good military flashlight here: best military flashlights – tc1200 flashlight reviews today.  While a military flashlight is used the way you would use a regular flashlight first and foremost, the additional advantages of a fantastic design quickly become apparent when you take a look at the many ways they can be used to help prevent a potential mugging or even help save your life in a potential life or death situation.